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About Us

This rabbitry is focused on helping others, whether breeder or browser, to find the information they need in the rabbit breeding community.  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and offer you the best service in rabbits and rabbit information!
Our rabbitry started with one single rabbit.  We found our first doe(female) at our State Fair, a blue-eyed white.  After looking up the standards for Mini Rex, we found that she would make an excellent doe for breeding.  We then joined our local 4-H club to get more involved with rabbits.  It was this that prompted us to go to our first rabbit show.  There, we found the perfect Blue-Eyed White(BEW) buck(male) for showing, and a beautiful Castor doe with the blue-eyed white vienna gene; she had two white claws, a vienna-gene caused miscoloration that made her unique.  

We then bred our BEW buck, MnMs, with our Castor doe, Cocoa.  They produced an almost peak-of-perfection doe; she became our first Best Bred by Exhibitor rabbit! Her name was JustFurFun's Velvet.  All rabbits since, including her, have been the sweetest bunnies.  They have been trained, almost from birth, to be shown in Showmanship and be very good at posing and being checked over(flipped up-side down and having teeth, eyes, ears, belly, vent and tail checked and examined).

Currently, our focus is in the Sable Point and Himalayan varieties.  We're working to bring in the high quality of fur and type from Carrol Creek's Himalayans into our Sable Points, resulting in some fine-looking Sables along the way.  To see examples of these amazing colors, check out the Photo Gallery page!
Any would make great pets, show-bunnies or both!  Mini Rex have fur that feels similar to velvet and their average weight is from 3.5-4.5 lbs. A very friendly breed in general. We love visitors, and can guarantee that we will be here if a date is set up with us.  'Contact Us' will have more info on setting up a date.
Thank you for taking the time to read our background and we all hope you will enjoy our website!

If you are looking to  buy a rabbit from us, they can be picked up at our location or delivered to a show!
Some shows we may be attending are listed below:

NYS Grand Finals~Syracuse, NY~September 29, 30
ARBA Convention 2018~Springfield, MA~October 27-30
Heart of NY RBA~Fulton, NY~November 18
RochesterRBA Show~Auburn, NY~January 5, 2019

Future dates and catalogs for rabbit shows in New York can be found on: (nyrcba.com/dates.html) I typically exhibit at shows under two hours away.

Canandaigua, NY 14424
Visitors are Always Welcome!
Please set up an Appointment so that we can be here when you are! Contact info is below our Photo Gallery.

Please note: Our rabbits are un-neutered Only because they are used for showing and breeding towards the ARBA Standard of Perfection.  Neutering your pet rabbit is always a good idea if you do not plan to show or breed them, especially with males.  It makes multiples living together possible, reduces the chance of bucks spraying, and often creates super-docile bunnies. It can even give health benefits to the rabbit!  If you buy a mixed-breedbunny, or do not show your pure one, Please Consider Neutering Your Pet Bunny! :)
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